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Welcome to the Art Room!

We will begin our school year with a review of the art elements of line ,shape,form,texture,value and space.Throughout the year,many projects will be focused on giving children experiences with each of the above art elements.5th and 6th grade students will also focus on art principles such as patterns,movement,balance,emphasis and unity.We will try to have each grade level experience a variety of materials and topics.We will experiment with different mediums and have the opportunity to explore portraits,landscapes,cityscapes,architecture,abstraction,figure drawing and more.Art history is also a large component of our curriculum.Students will be learning about the lives and work of historical figures such as Piet Mondrian,Paul Klee,Claud Monet,Picasso,Van Gogh,O’Keeffe and Matisse,as well as contemporary artists including Peter Max,Andy Warhol and Chihuly.Through creativity and expression we will discover new vocabulary,concepts and techniques while reveling the uniqueness and potential in each of us.