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Dear Parents:

It is my pleasure to teach your child Physical Education this year. I thought it would be beneficial to let you know some information about me and my policies and rules in this class.

This is my 5th year at Holy Child Jesus Catholic Academy.

  • Your child’s classroom teacher will let you know what day of the week he or she has Physical Education. 
  • Your student’s grade will be based on participation, wearing sneakers, meeting the proficiency level for skills practiced at his or her grade level, and behaving appropriately for physical education class.  If you have any questions regarding my grading policy, please feel free to speak with me. 
  • All students are expected to wear sneakers to every gym class. When a student does not wear sneakers he or she receives a minus for the day and will not be allowed to participate in class.  Boots, sandals, and dress shoes are not acceptable.  This policy is based on my desire to create a safe environment and only sneakers provide the appropriate protection and support for the activities the students are expected to perform.
  • Occasionally, children try to avoid participation by telling me that they are ill or hurt.  Therefore, it is my policy that unless a student has a note from a parent or doctor, he or she must participate in physical education class. If the injury is severe, such as a broken bone, I will need a note from a doctor regarding when your child can return and any restrictions he or she may have upon returning.  Also, please alert me to any restrictions or serious medical conditions your child may have so that I am prepared to deal with a situation should it arise.
  • Looking ahead, this year’s MOVE A THON is set for May 12th

I believe physical education is important in all of our lives, and it is my job to teach your children the skills necessary for them to enjoy physical fitness and exercise throughout their lives.  I will encourage all of the students to be physically active in a safe, controlled way.  It is also important to me to treat your student with respect, patience, and kindness, and I will expect to be treated with those same qualities in return.  I look forward to being a significant person in your child’s life, so please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. 


Ms. Heilmann