2021 Summer Assignments/Supply Lists


Click on the link for uniform order information.

Current 6th graders raising to 7th in September must get a new uniform for September.





All Summer Assignments and Supply Lists are linked below.   

These assignments are due on Wednesday, September 7th!



The Summer Assignments listed below are only for current HCJCA students. 


2022-2023 Kindergarten Supply List~  Incoming Kinder Summer Pack 2022-2023

1st First Grade
1st Grade Supply List | Incoming 1st Summer Assignments

2nd Second Grade
Second Grade Supply List 22-23 | Incoming 2nd Summer Assignments

3rd Third Grade
3rd Grade Supply List 22-23 | Incoming 3rd ELA Summer Assignment        Incoming 3rd Math Summer Assignment

4th Fourth Grade
4th Grade Supply List    Incoming 4th Grade Summer Assignments

5th Fifth Grade
5 & 6 Supply List 22-23Incoming 5th ELA Summer Assignment       Incoming 5th Math Summer Assignment

6th Sixth Grade
5 & 6 Supply List 22-23 | Incoming 6th ELA Summer Assignment      Incoming 6th Math Summer Assignment

7th Seventh Grade
7 & 8 Supply List |Incoming 7th ELA Summer Assignment           22-23 Incoming 7th Summer Math

8th Eighth Grade
7 & 8 Supply List| Incoming 8th ELA Summer Assignment          22-23 Incoming 8th Summer Math

22-23 Algebra Interest Form