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Mission Statement

*Updated October 9, 2019

*Holy Child Jesus Catholic Academy creates an environment where our students achieve their God-given potential in order to become well-educated and faith-filled citizens of the 21st century.


Called by God and entrusted by the parents of our students, we at Holy Child Jesus Catholic Academy strive to create an environment that ensures the development of a quality Catholic education. We are assured of the need of both Church and the world for well-educated, faith-filled citizens to provide leadership for our dynamic world. Adhering to the uniqueness of each individual to self and society, we believe that each person reaches his/her full potential in the context of community. By providing an academic, emotional, and spiritual environment that is conducive to this belief, we encourage children to strive for their personal best. We view learning as a lifelong process in which self-motivation and discipline play a major role. Our central belief is that through the concerted efforts of our clergy, faculty, staff, parents, and students, we will be able to attain our goals.

Our School

HCJ History

Principals of Holy Child Jesus School and Holy Child Jesus Catholic Academy

Holy Child Jesus Catholic Academy is located in a beautifully diverse residential area of northern Richmond Hill, New York. We are conveniently located near the idyllic and country-like setting of Forest Park and the “Triangle” area (the convergence of Myrtle, Hillside, and Jamaica Avenues) where once the famous Triangle Hofbrau restaurant stood for over a hundred years and served area residents and the rich and famous alike.

Located on a 86th Avenue between Myrtle and Jamaica Avenues (just two blocks away from the NYC Subway and many bus lines) HCJCA consists of two inter-connected buildings housing 20 classrooms, library, computer and science labs, art and faculty rooms, cafeteria, and gymnasium serving grades UPK-8.

Our academy is a family in Jesus Christ where the program includes Religion as a major subject. There are many opportunities for students to learn about their faith, including monthly liturgies and preparation for the sacraments. HCJCA students are taught in a nurturing and loving atmosphere where the Gospel message is a reality on a daily basis.

At HCJCA we provide an environment of academic excellence where the program adheres to the call for rigor and relevance according to the Common Core State Standards. Teaching is appropriately student-centered, with an emphasis on students thinking deeply and applying knowledge in a wide range of formative and summative assessment opportunities.

HCJCA follows NY State curriculum and Diocese of Brooklyn standards. In addition to traditional subjects, HCJCA offers Foreign Language (Spanish), Art, Physical Education, Music, Computer classes, and an Aquinas Program for gifted and talented students (Grades 7 and 8). Our 7th and 8th grade students also have an opportunity to qualify for the National Junior Honor Society, and there is a Student Council comprised of members elected by the student body. A school band program is available for grades 3 – 8.