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Welcome back!

 I want to officially welcome all the students to the 2020/2021 school year with Remote Art Classroom! Both students and teachers are facing unique circumstances this school year and I hope we can work together to face these new challenges.

Hopefully I will have the Remote Art Classroom running smoothly,but please feel free to reach out to me so we can help each other with any issues. Art classes will be on Zoom weekly. I will be trying my best to upload assignments that will be interesting and engaging.

Looking forward to seeing what wonderful work you will create this year!

In order for students to be able to work during Art Zoom Meetings, they should have the following list of art supplies handy to be able to create awesome art:


1) White paper-“mixed media “ which is good for sketching or watercolor. (Or  White Tru Ray Construction paper)

2)Assorted Color Tru Ray Construction Paper.

3) Crayola Crayons, set of 24

4) Crayola Markers,Classic Colors, set of 10

5) School Glue



8)Sharpie Fine Tip Marker Black 


1)Crayola Watercolors, set of 8 (brush included)

2)Oil Pastels, set of 12



  1. art-cliparts-gallery

Google Classroom Codes:

(K-1) rec3ugp

(1-1) xf4sqj7

(2-1) gf2yuku

                                                     (2-2) gf2yuku

                                                     (3-1) 5c3qtyv      

                                                     (3-2)  5c3qtyv

                                                      (4-1) qovzfjw

                                                      (4-2) qovzfjw

                                                      (5-1) kfpvepa

                                                       (5-2) kfpvepa

                                                      (6-1) xlzmo2v

                                                      (6-2) xlzmo2v

All students must join Google Classroom to view all assignments and to find Zoom meetings.