Remote Learning begins Tuesday, March 17th

Students are expected to check in for attendance and the day’s assignments at 9AM each weekday unless otherwise noted.  All Google Classroom Access Codes can be found on the teacher’s classpage.  Teacher office hours for students during this time will be from 9AM – 1:30 PM.  Parents may contact the teacher until 5PM weekdays using email.  Google Classrooms is reserved for student/teacher conversation.  Zoom Video Conferencing will be scheduled daily and students are expected to participate.  Teachers will use this platform to instruct, lead discussions, conduct class meetings, read stories, and work in small groups.  If you are in need of a device or are having wifi connectivity issues, please contact me for an iPad .

School Closed: March 16- May 15

Due to COVID-19 concerns, HCJCA will be closed Monday, March 16-May 15th.

Please check email and text messages for updates and information concerning remote learning.

Be safe and God Bless!

School Counselor

Check out our School Counselor’s new class page:

Ms. Mottola will be posting helpful ideas, suggestions, and articles dealing with stress, bullying, and currently how to discuss the Coronavirus.

She can be reached by email:  or 929-224-7001

Virtue of the Month: Compassion

This month we are learning about the Virtue of Compassion: -Taking time to listen  -Stopping to help   -Doing what I can   -Being kind regardless of differences    -Noticing when others are hurting