Daily Emotional Check Ins

Being aware of everyone’s social emotional state is extremely important right now. This video talks about how important it is to start the day off on a positive note, as how we start the day sets the tone for what our brain will be looking for the rest of the day, fear/anxiety or positivity. A morning “meeting,” afternoon check-in, and night time debrief are amazing ways to have family members share their feelings, what they are struggling with, discuss how they can make the next day better, and help add structure and predictability to the day.

Daily Check Ins video

Main Points:

Prime for Positive

  • When you start the brain on positivity, it makes you more open minded and better able to regulate your emotions during the day.
  • If you look at the news, social media, or something that causes anxiety early in the morning, reboot and find something positive to start the day positive.

Emotional Check In

  • Have a morning meeting with family members to see how everyone is feeling. This could be cuddled in bed, during breakfast, or however else works for your family.
  • When everyone is sharing their feelings, it is important to validate them. Everyone, especially now, needs to have their feelings heard.
  • Feelings check ins communicate that how everyone feels is important and normalizes feelings. Children can see that everyone is sad, mad, frustrated sometimes; share how you manage those feelings.
  • Review what is going on that day. Review/adjust the structure you have for the day.
  • If needed, have more emotional check ins during the day.
  • Younger children may need pictures/guides to identify what they are feeling.

Evening Debrief

  • At the end of the day and see how the day went. What does everyone need to change or keep the same for the next day? How can we make the next day better? What went well?
  • It is ok if the day did not go as planned, but make sure to adjust for the next day, and learn from mistakes!