PreK 1: Mrs. Moller

 Welcome to Pre-K-1

Pre-K For All Office Number- 718-846-0912

Nurse’s Number- 718-846-0741

Welcome to the 2018-2019 Pre-K school year! My name is Deborah Moller and I am your child’s preschool teacher this year.

                                                 December’s theme is Where We Live. We will be exploring where both people and animals live. Children will be encouraged to share where they live, what types of homes people and animals live in  their neighborhood , what are the homes made of , etc. 

                                                  *Talk about the differences between people and animal homes. 

                                                     * Teach your child their address, point out the numbers on your house and other homes. 

                                                     * Encourage children to identify environmental shapes in their home( circle -clock, rectangle- door, etc). 

                                                             Dates to Remember 

*Children will have a holiday celebration on Thursday December 20. A sign up sheet will be out the week of the 10th for those who would like to donate an item for the celebration. 

* School is closed December 22-  January 2nd.


                                                         Thank You, 

                                                          Mrs. Moller                                                           





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