Free NY Public Library Online

As we look to occupy our time at home in the coming weeks, it is important to try and be intentional and productive in how we spend our time. Reading is a great way to spend time that can be both relaxing, fun, and educational. Students or parents/guardians can read books on their own, or pick a book/books to read as a family! 

New York Public Library is currently allowing anyone in NEW YORK STATE to digitally rent books through the app “SimplyE.” The app can only be used on an iPhone/iPad or Android. See more specifics here for devices it works on. I encourage you to sign up now, as there are going to be many people signing up in the very near future!

A previous library card is not needed, you can sign up just by using the steps below. Parents must sign up for kids, as you need to be 13 or older, and enter your home address.

Steps to Sign Up

  1. Download “SimplyE” on an iPad/iPhone or Android
  2. Parents sign up for kids-Click 13 or Older
  3. Click Agree
  4. Location Services must be on while using app so it knows you are in NY State
  5. Enter Address
  6. Enter Name and email address
  7. Create Username and PIN
  8. Review Address
  9. Click Create library Card

To Find books: Search book titles or browse in subjects and areas! Some books may not be available right away (just like regular in the regular library). These will go in your “reservation,” and you should be notified in the app and by email when it is available for you to read. You can also filter searches so you only see currently available books. Each rental is in your “library” for 13 days.