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April, 2021 Student Health Screening and Attendance form.

Daily Health Screening:


Daily Attendance form for Remote Learning. 


Our class schedule is on Google Classroom along with all of the Zoom links.  If you have any questions or problems getting access please email me.



Mission Statement

Holy Child Jesus Catholic Academy creates an environment where our students achieve their God-given potential in order to become well-educated and faith-filled citizens of the 21st century.


“Learning is a treasure that will follow it’s owner everywhere”.  

Welcome to First Grade, My name is Ms. Vazquez and it is my great pleasure to join the faculty of Holy Child Jesus Catholic Academy.   This is going to be an exciting year filled with fun, and learning with our friends!  




Welcome back! I hope that each of you had a wonderful Easter and enjoyed special time with friends and family. Time away from our everyday tasks gives us  time to rest and recharge.  I am confident that, as always, we return to our work with enthusiasm and determination. 





February is a busy month at Holy Child Jesus Catholic Academy.

Week of February 8th is Catholic schools week.  We will be participating in all sorts of fun activities as well as writing a report on Baptism.

February is Black History Month and we will be learning about many famous people who made great contributions to our country. 

February 14th is Valentines Day and we will be learning all about Saint Valentine.

February 25th is the 100th Day of school.  We will be celebrating being 100 days smarter.  We have all kinds of fun activities planned!  Stay tuned!!!


Friday February, 5, 2021

Happy Friday

Today is Furry Friend Show and Tell.  Bring your furry friend, real or stuffed to show and tell.  Be prepared to introduce them and tell and interesting fact about them. 


Thursday February, 4. 2021

Good afternoon parents and guardians, Next week is Catholic schools week. I have attached a tentative list of events, due to being remote this week some may be switched around. 

Monday: School Spirit Day; students can dress in red and blue with jeans and sneakers.

Tuesday: Special Service Day; $5.00 dress down. Money to go to an organization that the children vote for.

Wed: Student appreciation day; NO homework and a virtual filed trip.

Thursday: Superhero Day; you can dress up like your favorite superhero OR a real life hero to you.

Friday: Game Show Day; volunteers for Jeopardy will be playing virtually.

More to follow.


  • Homework posted on Google Classroom
  • Chapter 6 Math test Tuesday February 9th.
  • Unit 6 ELA test Wednesday February 10th.
  • Science Project: Day and Night in Nature due 2/8
  • 100 items in a zip lock bag ( see Google Classroom ) due 2/8
  • Religion Project: My Baptism due 2/11
  • Social Studies: Famous People in Black History due 2/24
  • 100 Day of School Celebration / Dress up 2/26


Wishing you all a New Year filled with good health and happiness.  


January Reminders:

In Person Learners: Student Daily Health Screening must be completed every morning using the link above. 

Remote Learners:  must complete the attendance form on Google Classroom, daily.

Bring the following books back to school:

  • Go Math Chapter 5 
  • Superkids Word Work Book
  • Reader
  • Practice Pages

Charge your iPad, bring it to school.

Check the ” Check in Page” on Google classroom daily for important reminders.  

Homework is posted on Google Classroom daily.  Complete the assignments, take a photo and submit  on Google Classroom. I will not be checking books or folders, all homework must be submitted on Google Classroom. 

If you traveled during the vacation please make sure you refer to the email Mrs. Winters sent out regarding travel and COVID guidlines.

Wear a clean mask to school everyday and bring at least one clean one in your back pack.  If you have a runny nose bring more than one extra. 

Bring a healthy snack to school. 

Please read the Option C alert that went out today.



December Reminders:

Good evening Parents and Guardians,

As per the Option C alert that was sent out this afternoon our school will be open tomorrow.

In preparation for the possibility of going remote I will be sending home some books tomorrow that will stay home.

They are the following:
Chapters 5, 6, 7 and 8 of Go Math. Keep them home in a safe place and you will send them in one at a time when I ask for them. Leave Chapter 4 in the ” Go Home Folder”, we will be starting this next week.

Superkids: Back Pack Pages will go home and stay home. When there is homework in this book you will take a picture and upload it to Google Classroom. I will send home practice pages and the word work book every day and they will come back to school daily.

Science: You may keep the book at home, until further notice. This book should already be home!

Religion: You may keep the book at home, until further notice. This book should already be home! Please make sure you are able to access The Christ in Us Website.

Please email me if you have any questions.

Let’s say a prayer for all of our school community, families and friends that everyone stay safe and well.



October Reminders:


Help us with our annual Fall Fundraiser. All proceeds support student programs.
Use the Code: HOLY62 when checking out!
Each student is responsible to sell $60 worth of merchandise.
All orders are placed online and delivered directly to your home.
Thank you for your support.

Unity Day:

Friday October 23rd.
Wear Orange to Stop Bullying!  Show your support.  
Students can wear orange.   It must be visible, anything or everything orange;  shoes,  pants,  ties,  hair ties or ribbons, or orange socks. 
Be creative!  Have fun with it. 


Will be celebrated on Friday 10/30.

First Grade is  allowed to wear costumes.  No Halloween masks, or props, and children should be able to use the bathroom  on their own. 

Students are allowed to “Trick or Treat” in our classroom.  If you’d like please send  in goody bags/candy/individual snack bags like potato chips/ pretzels on Friday, 10/30.  Everything must be individually wrapped.  No nuts please.

We have 25 children in our class.  


The children had a great time today in school celebrating Halloween. We did some fun activities; we completed some scary writing about “a mysterious knock at the door” and read the book “The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything”, and completed some ELA activities about the story. We also watched ” Spookley the Square Pumpkin”, we will use the story to do some bully prevention activities next week.

Thank you for all of the goody bags. Please check your child’s candy bag and book bag ( that’s where the overflow is) for candy and goodies.

In your ” yellow go home folder” you will find a turkey and a letter explaining what to do with the turkey. Students are to disguise the turkey like their favorite Superkids character. Be creative, and use your imagination, it’s not a turkey it’s a Superkid! Have fun with it!!! We will be writing in school about how their Superkids Turkey survived Thanksgiving!
Due November 5th.

Sunday is All Saints Day, don’t forget to go to church or watch mass on line. Go to Facebook.com and search: RHCatholic to find the livestream.

Have a great weekend. Happy Halloween.




Our pie sale starts today.



Who, what, where, when, why, which, are the memory words for Unit 2.
We learned that:
who, asks for the name of a person. Who is the principal of your school ?
what, asks for the name of something. What do you use to write with ?
where, ask for the name of a place. Where do you go to school ?
when, asks for a time. What time is recess ?
why, asks for a reason. Why must we be quiet in the hallways at school ?
which, asks for one thing in a group. Which day of the week do we have gym ?

In your green dot notebook write a question for each memory word to find out more about something else.

Back Pack Pages: page 16
Reader: Read ” What can you get with a Nickle” .


Go Math; page 115 and 216




We started a new unit in Superkids, Unit 2

Back Pack Pages: page 14 and 15

Write your new memory words three times each in your green dot notebook: which, what, where, why, when, and who.

Unit 2 vocabulary words: 

choices – things you can pick or choose

carefully – doing something with a lot of thought and care. 

decision – making up your mind about something. 

Write each one in your green dot notebook and use it in a sentence. 

Read: : What Can You Get For a Nickle” in your reader.


Go Math pages 108, 109, and 110

Chapter 2 math test Thursday October 29th.


Saint Project due Friday October 30th.




Practice pages:  page 27 and 32

Complete the sh /sh/,  ch /ch/ worksheet in your folder.

Review your spelling and memory words for your test tomorrow; wish, I, he, she, rush, her, his, my, brush, fish

Review Unit 1 in your Word Work book.  Test tomorrow. 

Yesterday I emailed everyone a list of memory word/site words.  Every child should know the Kindergarten words,  I would suggest making flash cards ( index ) cards of any words your child does not know.  As we go through the units in Superkids make flash cards for the new words.  Review words daily. 

Attached are the words.  Superkids Dolch words


Go Math Pages: 102,103,104


Complete your Guardian Angel worksheet.  Color it and paste it on a piece of construction paper or cardboard.  It will stay in the go home folder.  





Backpack Pages: page 13

Practice Pages: page 31

The word work book went home today, use it to review for our Unit 1 test on Friday. 


Go Math: Page 98 & 99

Weekly math quiz tomorrow. 


Please complete the assignment in Google Classroom





Good afternoon,

Welcome to First Grade and the 2020-2021 school year.  I hope you are all well and enjoying this beautiful Sunday afternoon.  It was such a great pleasure getting to know your children on Friday as well as meeting some of you.  No doubt this will be a challenging year, it will be quite different from anything we have ever experienced but we will get though it by working together!

In order for this school year to be a success, I will need your help with the following:


  1. Supplies must come in tomorrow please.   At the very least your child will need;  notebooks, folders, pencils, erasers, crayons, glue, scissors, earphones, a soft pencil case and a clear plastic shoe box to store supplies in. Check the supply list on the class page.
  2. Your child’s name should be on everything including clothing. 
  3. Please pack a healthy snack, this should be something your child can open independently. You may consider wrapping it in tin foil or a zip lock bag. No chips or sugary snacks, and please no nuts.  
  4. Please return the contact information cards, Return to School Acknowledgement and iPad loan and Acceptable Use policy forms.  
  5. Check and return the Go Home Folder every day.  
  6. Check the class web page daily,  I suggest three times per day 9:00 am, 3:00 pm and 6:00 pm.  Homework will be posted starting tomorrow.  
  7. Your child’s email address will be going home this week.  
  8. Children will be given an IPad to use in school and take home as long as we have all of the proper forms returned to school. 
  9. Beginning this week our schedule will be 7:45 am  – 1:30 pm .

 I am so happy to be your child’s First Grade teacher and I am looking forward to getting to know your family throughout the school year! Back to school night will be on September 21st.  More information to follow.  Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. 

Best Regards,