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Holy Child Jesus Catholic Academy creates an environment where our students achieve their God-given potential in order to become well-educated and faith-filled citizens of the 21st Century.

If you need to contact me please feel free to email me at


Daily Health Screening for In Person Learning  –


Daily Attendance form for Remote Learners only.


January 6, 2021

The Feast of the Epiphany

Epiphany prayer | Prayer photos, Epiphany, Prayers

1. Spelling- use the last 6 words in a sentence. Add detail to your sentences. Remember there are different kinds of sentences.
2. Spelling test on Friday

1. Math page 333-334
2. Math quiz on Friday- subtraction

1. Worksheet – Mass Google Classroom
2. Review vocabulary (online) Unit 2 Lesson 7 (blessing, Paschal Mystery, devotions, saints)

Social Studies:
1. All About the Town- Consumers and Producers ws (Google Classroom)

1. Dig In – worksheet – Google Classroom

1. The 2 articles are due on Friday

January 5, 2021

Friendship Day Human, Biblical Magi, Christmas Day, Epiphany, Text,  January, Song, Christianity transparent background PNG clipart | HiClipart



  1. The reading log and book report is in the home folder
  2. Backpack page 51
  3. Spelling – first 6 words in a sentence
  4. Read 20 minutes


1.Math page 327-328

  1. Math quiz on Friday


  1. Epiphany worksheet- please return to school

Science – If you have a rock, please bring it to school


Monday, January 4, 2021

Religious Christmas Clipart, Religious Christmas Images - Sharefaith


  1. Backpack page 50
  2. Read for 20 minutes 


  1. Math page 321-322

Social Studies:

  1. Looking at Landforms- worksheet
  2. – complete “Farmers Grow Corn” and “Weathering and Erosion” due Fri.

Happy New Year

Solemnity Of Mary, Mother Of God   Pin on Holidays





Student Daily Health Screening must be completed every morning on Google Classroom.

Remote students must complete the attendance form on Google Classroom, 

Keep the following books at home:

  1. Superkids Backpack pages –  When there is homework in this book you will take a picture and upload it to Google Classroom.
  2. Go Math Chapter 6, 7 and 8

Bring the following books back to school:

  • Go Math Chapter 5 
  • Superkids Word Work Book
  • Reader
  • Science Book
  • Religion Book
  • Social Studies textbook

Please make sure you are able to access the Christ In Us portal (religion) and  HMH Ed Your friend in Learning for science.

Charge your iPad, bring it to school every day.

Check the ” Check in Page” on Google classroom daily for important reminders.  

Homework is posted on Google Classroom daily.  Complete the assignments, take a photo and submit  on Google Classroom. I will not be checking books or folders, all homework must be submitted on Google Classroom. Please submit the homework under the date where it is posted.


Please feel free to email me if you have any questions.

Please fill out the daily attendance form in Google Classroom by 8:00 AM.

Thursday, December 17, 2020

Reading Quotes For Kids ~ Image Love Wallpapers With Quotes

No written homework today.  Please catch up on any missing work. Complete assignments on, Christ In Us and Seesaw. Enjoy the snow!
Tomorrow we have Mass at 10:00AM. Class sign a-long and eat a snack tomorrow during last period.
There will be no written homework over the vacation. We all need a little break and family time.
Please upload the book report and reading log for December.
Read over the break!

Social Studies:
1. Complete quiz in Google Classroom
1. Use the story map or story plan to write the beginning of your story. Post in Google Classroom

1. Test tomorrow

1. Quiz tomorrow


Wednesday, December 16, 2020


1.Christ In Us Portal- sign in and complete the lesson
2. Peace worksheets due on Friday

1. Review for math test
2. Complete the sheet in Google Classroom

1. Complete the test on the Superkids portal
2. No Spelling test on Friday
3. Spelling – use the last 6 words in a sentence (took, stood, tool, soon, chew, grew)
4. Use the story map or story plan (below) to start your story in Google Classroom. Work on a beginning ( the main character and the setting.) In the middle you have to explain a problem that the character faces. In the end, explain a solution to the problem.

Science :
1. Science quiz on Friday (Science book online Unit 4 Lesson 1 and 2

Social Studies:
1. Quiz tomorrow- landforms


Tuesday, December 15, 2000

Gospel Reflections for 3rd Sunday of Advent - Vatican News

1. Math page 307-308
2. Thursday – Math test on Unit 4

1. Complete the assignments on Christ In Us portal
2.What does Peace feel like? – 2 pages attached below (Due Friday)

1. Backpack page 45 and 46
2. Spelling- use the first 6 words in a sentence (cook, foot, too, boot, blew, threw)
3. Fill out Resource page 5 below- Plan a character
4. Read for 20 minutes
5. Superkids test tomorrow
6. No Spelling test this week

Science/ Social Studies review the pages below
1.Social Studies book pages 56-61 Thursday- quiz
2. Science188-193-Friday quiz
3. Log into assignments posted to help review what we covered in class



Monday, December 14, 2020

Archdiocese of Toronto - Home Page | Advent prayers, Advent candles, Third sunday of advent

1. Math page 295-296
2. Thursday- math test on Unit 4

Social Studies:
1. Review landforms and bodies of water-test on Thursday

1. Ed your fried in learnin- Complete You Solve It: Mapping Water- due today

1. Backpack page 44- just write the spelling words
2. Read for 20 minutes
3. Book report and reading log due on Friday, December 18th.
4. Seesaw- complete the homophone worksheet
5. Reading test Unt 5 on Wednesday

1. God has blessed everyone with a Guardian Angel. Our Angel helps us everyday.Draw a picture of an angel. Post it here.
2, Sign into Christ In Us Portal (Sadlier) Show What You Know- due 12/16
3. Christ In Us Portral – Mini Task- due12/17



Friday, December 11, 2020

Reading Quotes for Kids {free printable} - Busy Kids Happy Mom | Quotes for kids, Reading quotes, Quotes for students

Coagulations!! I am very proud of you.  Keep reading!


  1. Please email me the spelling test
  2. Read for 20 minutes over the weekend
  3. Unit 5 test on Wednesday



Thursday, December 10, 2020

Library of christmas dance jpg library stock free png files ▻▻▻ Clipart Art 2019

1. Complete the Advent sheets in Google Classroom

1. Study spelling words( enjoy, joined, shout, crowd, snow, boy, ground, around, below, points, flower, yellow)
2. Complete the plan below for your Animal Poem (Attached is the Crane Poem we did together.)
3. Watch the video on homophones
4. Read for 20 minutes(Record on Reading Log)

1. Math page289-290
1. Complete assignments online


Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Feast Day of Juan Diego

St. Juan Diego Holy Card with Our Lady of Guadalupe - Estampa San Juan Diego

As a result, the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe is now one of the world’s major Catholic pilgrimage destinations, receiving 22 million visitors in 2010. Juan Diego is the first Catholic saint indigenous to the Americas.


Report card conferences are tomorrow. We will end the day at 12:00 PM on Thursday. Homework for today should be up loaded here.
Religion, science, math and Superkids books are all on line. Please make sure you fill in the “Daily Attendance” form.

1. Color the attached sheet, St. Juan Diego and write 2 sentences about what you learned about him. ex. Juan showed his love for God by…. Juan was faithful when he……

1. Complete Resource page 1 below. Remember a simile is a figure of speech that compares 2 things using “as” or “like'”
2. Read for 20 minutes- record on reading log. Remember to include the genre of the book.
3. Backpack page 43 – review spelling words

1. Math page 283-284
2. Think Central- assignment on line
1. A Grand Canyon- due Dec. 11
2. Mighty Mississippi due Dec.11
3. Water and Us (4 Articles) due Dec. 8


Monday, December 7, 2020

The Immaculate Conception and the seamless garment of doctrine – Catholic World Report

The Immaculate Conception is a dogma of the Catholic Church which states that the Virgin Mary was free of original sin from the moment of her conception.


  1. Math page 283-284


1.Spelling Words- use each word in a sentence ( boy, joined, shout, around, flower, below, enjoy, points, ground, crowd, snow, yellow) Please post in Google Classroom

  1. Backpack page 41 and 42
  2. Read for 20 minutes  Remember to include the genre.)

Science/Social Studies:

  1. Landform quiz on Wednesday
  2. “A Grand Old Canyon” and “The Mighty Mississippi”- due December 11
  3. “Water and Us” Nonfiction- 4 article due December 18th.


  1. You Solve It: Mapping Water- sign into Ed Your Friend In Learning and complete the lesson.  – Due December 14th.

Please read the following books on Epic (You can use them for  your reading log.)

  1. “Why the Ocean Salty”
  2. “Landforms and How They Are Made”


Friday, December 4, 2020

Sunday Sermon 27th November | Saint Joseph's

The Parent-Teacher Conference letter is in the home folder. 

No School on Tuesday- Holy Day of Obligation- Immaculate Conception

A Social Studies review sheet went home in the folder. Please review the vocabulary words for a quiz on Wednesday.

Read once over the weekend. Record it on the reading log. 

Thursday, December 3, 2020

Second sunday of advent lighting candles clipart


  1. Read 20minutes
  2.  Vocabulary worksheet- write a sentence for each vocabulary word
  3. Spelling test tomorrow


1.Math 276-278

Social Studies:

1.Worksheet -”Our Earth Resources”

  1. Watch the video


Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Join Us this Sunday for the First Sunday of Advent - Noe Valley Ministry


  1. Spelling- the last 6 spelling words in a sentence
  2. Read for 20 minutes
  3. Backpack page 38
  4. Spelling test on Friday



  1. Math pg 271-272
  2. Math quiz tomorrow

Tuesday, December 2, 2020

Charlie brown christmas clip art - Charlie brown christmas clipart photo -



  1. Spelling- first 6 words in a sentence
  2. Read 20 minutes- read log went home today with a book report form 
  3. Book Report – due Dec. 16
  4. Backpack page 36-37
  5. Unit 4 test tomorrow

Math :

  1. Math page 265-266
  2. Math quiz on Thursday


Monday, November 30, 2020

70+ Advent ideas in 2020 | advent, advent season, christmas advent


  1. Read for 20 minutes
  2. Backpack pg 35( Write the words)
  3. Unit 4 test on Wednesday(Review Word Work Book Unit 4 pages)
  4. Pick the last 6 spelling words in alphabetical order in your animal book. We set the page up in class. ( smallest, chalk, walk, talk, today, away)
  5. Epic Books- “Sea Turtles, ”  and “What Dogs Want for Christmas”
  6. Reading logs and book report due tomorrow


  1. Resource page 6- Use the resource pages that your child picked to complete pg 6.  Itis just an outline.  You do not need to use complete sentences

 ( Arctic Fox, Barn Owl, or Komodo Dragon)

  1. Science test in home folder- please sign and return


Math page 259-260

Social Studies:

  1. – This Is North America- due Friday, December 2nd.


Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Christian Books - Donna Louis - Thanksgiving -

Have a Happy Thanksgiving.  


  1. Read for 20 minutes – November reading log due on November 30th.
  2. Book report due November 30th


  1. New Substance due on Monday


Math page 254-255

Social Studies

  1. Wild About Turkeys- 2 worksheets

Monday, November 23, 2020

Snoopy Thanksgiving Clipart - Free Clipart | Snoopy, Snoopy love, Snoopy and woodstock


  1. Vocabulary ws – use each word in a sentence 
  2. Read for 20 minutes
  3. Spelling test in home folder, please review



  1. Math test in home folder, please review, sign and return to school
  2. Math pages 247-248



  1. Study for science test tomorrow
  2. New Substance  worksheet – due on Monday


Friday, November 20, 2020

Thanksgiving Day — St. Nicholas of Tolentine


1. Study guide below and in-home folder- test on Tuesday
2. Change In Water worksheet due on Monday
3. Log on to–How does matter change? Irreversible Changes
4. Log on to read one of the leveled readers (You can count it for your reading log.)

1. Read for 20 minutes one day this weekend- record on November calendar

This week we have been learning about St Faustina. You can watch the video below

Video- St. Faustina  


Thursday, November 19, 2020

Welcome to Bishop Grimes: happy-thanksgiving-religious-images


  1. Spelling Test tomorrow (worst, worm, early, learn, dollar, regular, word, worry, earth, heard, sugar, calendar)
  2. Read for 20 minutes – record on November calendar
  3. Backpack pages 34


  1. Keep Chapter 3 book at home
  2. Chapter 4 – do pages 241-242 (Please cover)


  1. Study for unit test on Tuesday
  2. Changes In Ice experiment  due on Monday

Social Studies:

  1. “Look Out for Wildlife”
  2. Readworks- online

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Thanksgiving Clipart - Free to use Clip Art Resource | Peanuts thanksgiving, Thanksgiving images, Charlie brown thanksgiving

1. Read for 20 minutes – record on reading log

  1. Worksheet – review parts of a letter

3.Spelling – last 6 words in a sentence (word, worry, earth, heard, sugar, calendar)


1.Review quiz in the home folder

2. Keep Chapter 3 book at home- review for the test on Friday


  1. Study for quiz tomorrow
  2. Complete pages 104-106

Social Studies:

  1. Complete Readworks online (Class code- AMKFKZ)

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Please remember our school food drive.

Free Food Drive Clipart, Download Free Clip Art, Free Clip Art on Clipart Library


  1. Reading test tomorrow on Unit 3- review Backpack pages for Unit 3
  2. Spelling – use the forest 6 words in a sentence.(worst, worm, early, learn, dollar, regular)
  3. Backpack pages pg 32 (Practice for fluency) and 33(spelling words.
  4. Review – Real words unit 4 Fundations- practice reading the words and identifying the base word.


  1. Math worksheet
  2. Math pages 230-232
  3. Review for the math chapter test on Friday


Social Studies:

1 Write your name and address 3 times, the way it would appear on an envelope


  1. Study for quiz on Thursday
  2. Workbook pages 100-101

Monday, November 16, 2020


  1. Spelling test in folder – review and keep at home
  2. Reading test Unit 3 on Wednesday ( Review Word Work Book Unit 3)
  3. Backpack pages 30 and 31
  4. Spelling Words for the week ( worst, worm early, learn, dollar, regular, word, worry, earth, heard, sugar, calendar)
  5. Reread “Ouch” in the magazine or online 
  6. Write a letter to Ouch.
  7. Review parts of a friendly letter.



  1. Math page 227-228

2. Math quiz tomorrow – basic math facts, adding three numbers and bar model

3, Math chapter test on Friday



  1. Science quiz in the home folder- please review, sign and return to school
  2. Online ( Assessment – How does Matter Change?
  3. Pick one of the books to read. (Use for your reading log.)
  4. Science quiz on Thursday

Thursday, November 12, 2020


Our food collection has started. Please be as generous as your means will allow.


  1. Spelling test tomorrow
  2. Quiz in home folder- please review
  3. Read” The Many Faces of Masks”- online or in the magazine
  4. Read for 20 minutes


  1. Math page 215-216
  2. Chapter 3 test on Monday, November 16th


Social Studies

  1. Write a thank you letter to the veterans.  Remember how a letter begins and ends
  2.–” The First Thanksgiving”- due Nov. 19


  1. Unit 1 test online – due Monday, November 16th


Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Happy Veteran’s Day

No School on Wednesday.

Veterans | Veterans day quotes, Memorial day quotes, Happy veterans day quotes


Log into Readworks to complete assignments.  ( This can be used for the reading log.)

Building Blocks- due 11/ 17

Water takes Three Forms – due 11/13

North America (4 articles) -due 11/18



  1. Spelling words-the last 6 words in a sent. -write on a piece of paper if you do not have your notebook.
  2. Backpack page 28 and 29
  3. Reread -” Saving the Cranes” – complete the worksheet
  4. Spelling test on Friday (dark, start, party, storm, forget, dirty, thirsty, under, person, turn, purple)


Math page 209-210

Study basic math facts.l



  1. Complete pages 70-71
  2. Study for quiz Thursday on Matter, lesson 1 and 2
  3. Sign in to for posted assignments


Religion: -Portal.- go online – 11418

 Complete Unit 1 Lesson5 – Show what you know and Lesson 5 test


Monday, November 9, 2020

Veterans Day Snoopy Pictures, Photos, and Images for Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Twitter

No school on Wednesday, Veteran’s Day.

       1. Backpack page 27

       2.Quiz tomorrow- review Word Work Book pg 34, 35, 41

       3. Read for 20 minutes  (Go on to Epic Books)  Record on the November Calendar

        4. Spelling – use the first 6 words in a sentence. (dark, start, party, storm, forget, morning)

        5. Review trick words- again, please, animal, sure, used, use



  1. Review sheet in the home folder- Quiz on Thursday.


  1. Math page 197-198



  1. Sign into “Christ In Us”  complete Unit 1 Lesson 5 test


Thursday, November 5, 2020

Thanksgiving Break! – Martic Elementary School


  1. Spelling Test tomorrow
  2. Spelling- the last 6 words in a sentence (animal notebook)
  3. Practice reading “The Lost Colt”


  1. Math pages 185-186

Social Studies:

  1. Voting and the Law” due Nov. 6
  2. “North America” -4 articles  Due Nov. 18th
  3. Study for test tomorrow-  communities and maps
  4. Worksheet- “What is it Like?- use complete sentences.


  1. Log into Christ in Us.- Watch – Partners In Faith and  Did you Know?  Then complete Unit 1 Lesson 5 Test


Wednesday, November 4, 2020

PEANUTS on Twitter: "Happy November!"

Remember to order your pies.  Order forms went home today.


  1. Math pages 167-168

1.Spelling- use the first 6 words in a sentence

  1. Backpack pg 26
  2. Resource pg- write what you like (soccer, horses, dogs, etc.) in the middle of the hand.  On each finger write a reason for your opinion.  One or two words on each finger.
  3. Epic -” What’s it like to live here? Suburban”  ( You can use this as part of your reading log.)


Social Studies:

  1. Worksheet – Reading a  map
  2. Chapter test on Friday
  3. Readworks- “Voting and the Law” due Friday
  4. Seesaw- “Me on the Map” due Monday, Nov. 9th

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Judge: Arizona ballots must be received, not just postmarked, on Election Day | Kingman Daily Miner | Kingman, AZ

Election Day


Remember to order your pies for Thanksgiving. All procedures go toward fundraising for our school.  These delicious pies can be purchased through our new online store:  Pick up will be on Monday, November 23rd by appointment. 

Pumpkin Pie Recipe -


  1. Backpack page 24 and 25
  2. Read 20 minutes- Reading log in home folder
  3. Spelling test on Friday


  1. Math page 178-179
  2. Online Think Central – Chapter 2 review due 11/5


Social Studies:

  1. Worksheet – map skills “cool Cat
  2. Go over quiz and review sheets – Test on Friday
  3. “Voting and Laws”



Monday, November 2, 2020

All Souls Day

During the month of November, we will be remembering those who have gone to be with Jesus.  Please send in a name of a departed love one that you would like the class to pray for.


  1. Backpack pg 22 and 23 (just write the words)
  2. Use each vocabulary word in a sentence- distract, useful, respect, focus (animal notebook)
  3. Read “Saving the Crains” online or in the magazine
  4. Read for 20 minutes (I’ll send home a reading log tomorrow)
  5. Spelling test in home folder


  1. Math test in home folder – please go over
  2. Math pg 173-174


  1. Christ In Us online- Unit 1 Lesson 4- Watch “Did You Know? “  Complete “Did you know? Activity  Due Wednesday


  1. Go online  and complete the Matter pretest ( Ed Your Friend In Learning) due Nov. 5
  2. Epic! Books – “Does It absorb or Repel”  please read due Wednesday (You can use as your 20 minutes of reading.)


Thursday, October 29, 2020

It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown' won't air on CBS this year, moves to AppleTV+


Please send in liquid glue.  Students can dress up for Halloween.  


  1. Please cover the book
  2. 2. Math p 157-158

1. Read for 20 minutes

  1. Please keep Superkids “Magazine “ please return to school ever day.

3.Backpack page 21

  1. Spelling test tomorrow


  1. Go online – assignment posted


  1. Saint report due tomorrow
  2. Go online to complete Unit 1 Lesson 4 test

Social Studies:

  1. Work on President report – due Nov. 2


Tuesday, October 27, 2020

The Luminous Mysteries -

This week we are praying the “Luminous Mysteries”

Progress reports were sent out.


1.  Backpack pg 19  and read for 20 minutes

3. Spelling- use the first 6 words in a sentence

4. Reading test Unit 2 tomorrow


1. Math page 145-146

2. Math test on Thursday

Social Studies:

1. Election worksheet

2. Study pack in the home folder – quiz on Thursday

3. President report due on November 2nd


1. Log on to – Complete the activity “You Solve It” – due on Friday


1. Saint report due on Friday


Monday, October 26, 2020

Creche Learning Hub - October is the month of the Holy Rosary. Pray with your family today. 🙏 | Facebook


Login information for the websites we will be using went home today in your child’s home folder.


  1. Read 20 minutes – I will collect the reading logs on Friday.
  2. Backpack page 18
  3. Spelling test in the home folder
  4. Reading test Unit 2 on Wednesday – review Unit 2 pages in the Word Workbook
  5. Spelling test on Friday 9mess, buzz, was, does, close, easy, class, quiz, because, doesn’t, goes, busy)

Social Studies:

  1. “Political Parties” – due on Thursday
  2. “Let’s Build a Park!”  – worksheet – both sides


  1. Math page 133-134
  2. Chapter 2 test on Thursday



September 17, 2020

Starting Monday all assignments will be posted on Google Classroom.


  1. Cover book
  2. Math pages 29-30


  1. Backpack page 1- just write the words
  2. Page 2- practice reading
  3.  Review Memory words- me, my, she, her, he, his, we, our, they, their, you, your 
  4. Read for 20 minutes and complete reading log.


September 16, 2020

Please send in the “Photo Consent Form”

Please email your child’s password for the school Gmail account.


  1. Book report is due on Wednesday, September 23, 2020
  2. Read for 20 minutes.


  1. Math page 23 and 24
  2. Cover math book


  1. Religion page 27
  2. Review the definition of faith words.

September 15, 2020

iPads and charging cord are in your child’s bookbag.  Please make sure the iPad is charged and returned to school every day.

Please email me with your child’s name and google account for Holy Child Jesus Catholic Academy.   You received one if you went to school here last year.  


1,Math page 17 and 18.  -Odd and even numbers.

2. Cover math book


  1. Complete pages 4 and 5 in “All About Super Sensational Me!”
  2. The reading log and rubrics are in the notebook. 

September 14, 2020

Thank you for completing the daily health check.  This will have to be done every day. 

Please check your child’s school bag.  Breakfast and lunch went home.

Please check the yellow folder every day.  


  1. Please complete page 7 . Please use 2 of the vocabulary words in the story. (Use the resource book.)
  2. Math worksheet
  3. Please place cardboard on the inside of the math workbook and cover it with clear contact paper.  ( Please do not worry if you do not have clear contact paper. I will send the books home again.)


  1. Please complete the T-shirt.  The students will share their T-shirt in class.
  2. Superkids- we review short and long vowel sounds today. Watch the video for review.