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Welcome to 3-1 Class Page


Holy Child Jesus Catholic Academy Mission Statement

Holy Child Jesus Catholic Academy creates an environment where our students achieve their God-given potential in order to become well-educated and faith-filled citizens of the 21st century



January Student Daily Health Form                     (ALL In-Person Learners ONLY)


January Student Daily Attendance Form           (Remote Learners ONLY)

***These are the same forms you receive each morning in an email. Please submit only one form per student, per day***



Monday 1/11

Math – Page 202 and in math notebook write the 5x table and the 10x table (from 5×0=0 through 5×10=50 and then 10×0=0 through 10×10=100)

Spelling – write all words 3x each in ELA notebook (words from page 43) *Test on Wednesday 1/13

Religion – in your religion notebook, draw and label 3 things that happen during the Liturgy of the Word



Tuesday 1/12

Math – Go Math page 208 and in math notebook write the 3x table and the 6x table (from 3×0=0 through 3×10=30 and then 6×0=0 through 6×10=60)

Spelling – study words on page 43 for test on Wednesday

Religion – in your notebook, write your own prayer of thanks for Jesus’ life and his saving work


Wednesday 1/13

Grammar – page 38

Reading – Practice book page 79

Math – Chapter 3 test tomorrow

Reading – Go West test on Friday

**You can leave your Treasures book at home until Tuesday of next week




Thursday, 1/14

Grammar – page 40

Reading – Go West test tomorrow

Religion – What did you learn about devotions today?


Friday 1/15

Martin Luther King activity sheets

Take home your Treasures book, 3 orange workbooks, and Go Math (bring these books back on Tuesday)