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Grade 6-2 ELA, Social Studies, & Religion


Grammar Book online  – students were given user name and password 

Oratorical Contest for class winners will be on April 29. Speeches must be memorized and at least 3 minutes and no more than 6 minutes long.

Students must have the following information before the speech is delivered. This is worth 20 points on the rubrics.        1) Name of person who delivered the speech                                2) title of the work                                                                              3) when it was delivered                                                                      4) a brief statement about the circumstances under which the speech was delivered.

The speech must be at least 500 words; it may be edited to fit the 3 – 6 minute time limit, but it must flow and the message must still be clear.

Students must send in a copy of their speech typed –  by Friday, April 12. 

Copy of the rubric being used sent home on Thursday, April 11.



Social Studies 6-2






Reminders for Grade 6-2

Spring pictures went home on Monday, 3.25. Please send in money or pictures by April 5. You are not obligated to buy the pictures. 

Rice Bowls due. Every penny helps.

All Catholics must attend Mass either Saturday evening or Sunday morning

Good Friday Way of the Cross from St. Mary Gate of Heaven 103-12 101 Avenue to HCJ Church on Friday,  April 19 from 9:00-11:30. Grill cheese sandwiches at HCJCA Cafeteria after the walk. Please try to attend.



Social Studies Grade 6-1



Social Studies Grade 5




Monday – Spanish 

Tuesday – Innovation Lab

Wednesday – Art

Thursday – Physical Education

Friday – Music             

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