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Ms. Benkert – 7-2 Homeroom 

Student Daily Health Form -January 2021 -Please Fill out each school day!

Homework for 1.13

7th Grade

1. Savvas: Lesson 7- Colonial Trade and Government -Due Friday

2. Edpuzzle: Triangular Trade (2)

8th Grade

Study fro Test tomorrow

Homework for 1.12

7th Grade

1. Savvas: Lesson 7- Colonial Trade and Government -Due Friday

1.25 – Test – European Colonization of North America

8th Grade

1. Complete Interactive Notebook – Reconstruction
2. Andrew Johnson and Hiram Revels Reading and guided questions- Due tomorrow
3. Gilded Age -Web quest Due Friday
***Reconstruction Test on Thursday -Please review notes each night!!

Homework for 1.11

7th Grade

1. Savvas: Lesson 7- Colonial Trade and Government -Due Friday

1.25 – Test – European Colonization of North America

8th Grade

  1. Andrew Johnson Reading -Due Wednesday
  2. Lesson 4 – Due Tomorrow
  3. 1.14 Test -Reconstruction

Homework for 1.7

7th Grade

Homework: Savvas: Lesson 6: Lesson Check: Colonial Society


8th Grade

Homework: Savvas: ​Lesson 4: The Aftermath of Reconstruction -Due Tomorrow

*1.14 Test -Reconstruction Era

**1.14 -Savvas: Writing Workshop


Homework for 1.4.21

7th Grade –

1. Saavas: The Southern Colonies: Lesson Check  
​2. Work on Writing Workshop – Organizer

8th Grade

1. Savvas: Lesson 4: The Aftermath of Reconstruction -Due Friday
2. Work on Writing Workshop Organizer -Research Paper due 1.14



Homework 12.14

8th Grade

Savvas -Lesson 3 Reconstruction and Southern Society -Due Friday 12.18

7th Grade
Savvas – The Middle Colonies -Due Wednesday 12.16               
Homework 12.3
7th Grade
*3-D Model: Plymouth Plantation (2 questions- Turn in Green Button)
*What hardships Did Colonists Face in Plymouth?
1. Reading Check

Homework 11.30

7th Grade

**Where Did the Dutch Establish New Netherland?
1. Geography Skills – (2 questions)
2. Reading Check – Recognize Mupltiple Causes

8th Grade

1. Lesson Check
2. Study for Test on Thursday

Homework 11.19

7th Grade

1. Lesson Check – Lesson 1: Spanish Colonization

8th Grade

**Lincoln Delivers the Gettysburg Address
1. Reading Check – Draw Conclusions
**The Union Advances Into the South
1. Things to Know about Ulysses S. Grant -Critical Thinking
2. Analyze Images – Infer
3. Reading Check – Summarize



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7th and 8th Grade Social Studies

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Keep exploring. Keep dreaming. Keep asking why. Don’t settle for what you already know. Never stop believing in the power of your ideas, your imagination, your hard work to change the world.         -Barack Obama



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  1. 10.2 Dress Down -$1.00

      2. Due 10.9 N.U.T. Cards -$20.00 for 25 cards.

3. Please bring in rosary beads in a ziplock baggie. *You can send in $1.00 to purchase a pair.





Thursday, September 10, 2020

Welcome back to school! It was great meeting all of you! I’m looking forward to great first week. Please click the link for important information for the beginning of school. 7th grade info letter

**Starting Monday, September 14th students will be given their Chromebook. Please send in the Chromebook Loan form and internet use form. If these forms are not handed in you will NOT be given a Chromebook.

*** All homework, tests, and quizzes  will be posted on Google Classroom.

*** School hours Monday – Friday:  7:45 am – 1:30 pm. *Dismissal will begin at 1:20 pm

*** Please bring a snack a 2 water bottles.

****Don’t forget your earbuds!!!


9/22 Meet the Teachers Night at 2 pm and  7 pm (Zoom)



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