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2nd trimester Math project due Friday, 2/7   –7th grade project


Week of January 13th-

Monday, 1/13- Review for Proportional graph/Solving Proportions quiz on Wednesday 

Tuesday, 1/14- Review for quiz tomorrow

Wednesday, 1/15- Solving Proportions and graphs quiz today!

Thursday, 1/16- worksheet in homework notebook


Welcome Back and Happy New Year to all!

Week of January 6th-

Monday, 1/6- Google Classroom assignment in homework notebook

Tuesday, 1/7- Fluency workbook pages 31-32

Wednesday, 1/8- Google Classroom assignment in homework notebook

Thursday, 1/9- Google Classroom assignment in homework notebook



In Class Math Bee – Wednesday, 12/18

Here are the rounds for the Math bee- 2019-2020 Upper Bee Rounds

Unit Rates and Proportions Quiz- Thursday, 12/19


Week of December 16th-

Review for unit rates and proportions quiz on Thursday, 12/19

In Class Math bee on Wednesday, 12/18


Week of December 10th-

Tuesday, 12/10- Google Classroom assignment

Wednesday, 12/11- Google Classroom assignment 

Thursday, 12/12- Fluency workbook pages 27-28

Please bring in a store circular for Friday, if possible.


Week of December 1st-

Study for Unit 2 Exam- Thursday, December 5th


Week of November 25th-

Prepare for Unit 2- Expressions and Equations Exam- Thursday, December 5th*

Quizlet review-


**Interactive Notebooks will be collected and graded on

Monday, November 25th**

Week of November 18th-

Monday, 11/18- Fluency page 47

Tuesday, 11/19- Fluency page 48

Wednesday, 11/20- Fluency page 51

Thursday, 11/21- Fluency page 52


Week of November 11th-

Monday, 11/11- No School

Tuesday, 11/12- Google classroom assignment

Wednesday, 11/13- One and Two step Equation open book quiz activity tomorrow

Thursday, 11/14- Complete classwork- pages 45-46 in Fluency workbook

***Projects DUE MONDAY**


Week of November 4th-

Monday, 11/4- Google Classroom Assignment

Tuesday, 11/5- Google Classroom Assignment

Wednesday, 11/6- Google Classroom Assignment

Thursday, 11/7- Google Classroom Assignment

**First Trimester Project packets were distributed today-

Due Monday, November 18th**

7th grade math project


Week of October 28th-

Monday, 10/28- Review for quiz on Wednesday- Distributing and combining like terms to simplify expressions

Quizlet review-

Tuesday, 10/29- review for quiz tomorrow

Wednesday, 10/30- Simplifying expressions quiz today

Thursday, 10/31- No Homework- Happy Halloween!


Week of October 21st-

Monday, 10/21- Study for Unit test tomorrow

Unit 1 Review Carousel- 7th grade unit 1 exam carousel

Please review the carousel questions as the test will be modeled in a similar way

Tuesday, 10/22- Unit 1 Exam Today!

Wednesday, 10/23- worksheet- must be put in homework notebook!*

Thursday, 10/24- worksheet- must be put in homework notebook!*


Week of October 15th-

No homework- Terra Nova Testing

**Unit 1 Exam- Tuesday, 10/22


Week of October 7th-

Monday, 10/7- Fluency workbook pages 17-18

Tuesday, 10/8- Fluency workbook pages 19-20

Wednesday, 10/9- Fluency workbook pages 21-22

Thursday, 10/10- Fluency workbook pages 23-24


Week of September 30th-

Monday, 9/23-Study for quiz on Wednesday

Tuesday, 9/24- Study for quiz tomorrow. Use carousel notes and Quizlet to review 

Copy and paste this link to review Quizlet

Wednesday, 9/25- Multiplication/Division of Integers quiz today! 

Thursday, 9/26- Fluency workbook page 15-16


Week of September 23rd-  

Monday, 9/23- Fluency workbook page 9

Tuesday, 9/24- Fluency workbook page 10

Wednesday, 9/25- Fluency workbook page 11

Thursday, 9/26- Fluency workbook page 12


Week of September 16th-

Monday, 9/16- Fluency workbook pages 5-6

Tuesday, 9/17- Fluency workbook pages 7-8

Wednesday, 9/18- Review carousel notes for quiz tomorrow

pwinters@hcjcany.org_20180919_132104– Use this link to access the carousel used to review questions similar to the quiz

Thursday, 9/19- Quiz today- addition and subtraction of integers


Week of September 9th-

Monday, 9/9- Worksheet in homework notebook

Tuesday, 9/10- Fluency workbook pages 1-2

Wednesday, 9/11- Fluency workbook page 3-4

Thursday, 9/12- No Homework – Meet Your Teacher Night- 6:30 PM in the auditorium


ALL students who did not return the Technology Acceptable use form will NOT be allowed to use the Chromebook for the Math activity on Friday, September 6th. The assignment is STILL EXPECTED to be completed by Monday, September 9th. 


Week of September 4th- Please be sure to have your parent/guardian sign your interactive notebook rules and rubric- due Friday, 9/6/19