High School Admissions

High School Admissions

-TACHS: Test for Admissions into Catholic High Schools: Saturday, November 5, 2022

TACHS 2022 Registration Process (Begins August 22, 2022         Deadline: October 27th   

  • Registration fee is $65 (via the TACHS website at: www.tachsinfo.com or the TACHS Help Desk at 1-866-618-2247.
  • Paper registration is not available.
  • Parents may register via phone or internet and may use credit cards, debit cards (at the discretion of each individual bank) or prepaid cards.

Extended Time Accommodations

Eligibility Form

Due to: Forms must arrive by October 07, 2022
Mrs. Diane Phelan
Diocese of Brooklyn/Queens
310 Prospect Park West
Brooklyn, NY 11215

After you register, (you will require your assigned TACHS ID) but prior to 5:00
PM EST on November 5, 2022, enter your High School choices on
tachsinfo.com. Your choices may be edited up until November 5. Failure to
complete this information prior to November 5, will result in scores being
unavailable to your High School choices.

On November 2, 2022, you will receive an email with your test session
code/date/time of testing along with helpful tips and guides that will ensure
successful testing. You will not be able to start your test session on the
day/time of testing without this information, Students will test on the day assigned
to their aligned diocese. There will be (2) different start times. Students will be
randomly assigned to start times, and no time preference can be accepted.


TACHS  Subtest Descriptions:


In the Reading test, students will be presented with a variety of materials, both informational and literary. The questions will measure students’ ability to answer questions in factual, interpretative, and evaluative comprehension. They may have to answer questions about main idea, author’s purpose, the meaning of a word in context, and other types of comprehension questions.


This is a test about writing in Standard English.  Some of the questions focus on the most appropriate way to express the ideas in a piece of writing.  Questions may address organization, sentence structure, clarity, and effective or appropriateness of expression.   Other questions ask students to identify the line of text that contains an error.


Questions on the Mathematics test are drawn from the areas of number sense and operations, algebraic patterns and connections, data analysis/probability/statistics, geometry, and measurement.


This test measures students’ learned reasoning abilities.  Although grounded in biological processes, these abilities are developed through in-school and out-of-school experiences.  The questions assess students’ abilities to reason with somewhat more novel questions that use spatial and figural content.  The questions show how well students use their reasoning skills to solve problems they may or may not have been directly taught.

-Catholic High School Information

     –HandBook.pdf (tachsinfo.com)

     –ParentsCalendar.pdf (tachsinfo.com)

     –InformationFairs.pdf (tachsinfo.com)

     –Catholic High School Fair at HCJCA Thursday, September 29th 4-6 PM Grades 7 & 8  Gym

     –ProctorioConsentForm.pdf (tachsinfo.com)

     –ProctorioSetup.pdf (tachsinfo.com)  *IMPORTANT*

     –EligibilityForm.pdf (tachsinfo.com) (Extended Test Time Only)

     –PowerPoint Presentation (tachsinfo.com)

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(At this time, we don’t have any further information concerning the SHSAT or the Public HS Admissions process)