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Monday 10/29: 

Superkids: Page 26 (Draw a picture and describe it) Topic: Who is your favorite Superkid and why?

Math: Pages 147-148


Tuesday 10/30: 

ELA: Write Sight words 3x each (sight words: at, go, had, he, can)

Math: Pages 153-154


 Wednesday 10/31: Happy Halloween!

Superkids: Page 28 (Circle pictures whose names begin with the sound heard at the beginning of Dog)

Math: BOO! Have fun Trick or Treating!


Thursday 11/1: *Dress up as your favorite Saint*

Superkids: Page 29 (cut out speech bubbles and blue them above pictures). Doc is fixing toys that are broken. These are the sounds that each toy makes: The Baby (da da), clock (oc oc), duck toy (quack quack) and Rooster (co co co).

Math: Pages 159-160


Friday 11/2: * ½ day 12:00pm dismissal *



  • Green Meadows Farm trip is on Wednesday November 7th.  Please send your child to school in appropriate clothing being that we will be outdoors.  
  • 10/31 – Class Halloween Party and Halloween parade at 1:30 (parents please feel free to join us on 86th Avenue)
  • If you have not sent in a Halloween Pumpkin please send in by tomorrow 10/30 for in class trick or treating


Class Specials:

Monday: Music & Spanish

Tuesday: Gym (Please wear full gym uniform with sneakers) 

Wednesday: None 

Thursday: Art 

Friday: Innovation Lab

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