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 Ms. Gabriele Pacheco:

(While Ms. Zaragoza is on maternity leave, please contact Ms. Pacheco at the above email)

Check your child’s folder for homework sheets.

Congratulations to Ms. Z on the birth of Lucien Chase on January 30th  7lbs 2 oz  19 1/2 inches!  


Monday 12/31: 



Tuesday 1/1: 



Wednesday 1/2: 

ELA: Write new sight words 3x each. Choose 2 sight words and make a sentence for each (use Icecream paper)

New sight words: do, said, all, by

 Math: How Many More to 10? (Find how many more you need to get 10 altogether. Write the missing number)


Thursday 1/3: 

ELA: Cut out pictures from a magazine that begin with the following letters:

C, O, G, A, D, S, L, I. One picture for each letter, there should be a total of 9 pictures. Please label each picture. (Use construction paper given)

Math: So Much Rain! (Count the raindrops for each cloud and write the number. Circle the cloud that has more raindrops)

*Study for spelling test *

Words: and, are, at, a, an


Friday 1/4: 


*Study for Superkid Progress Test #3 on Monday 1/7 (See Class Dojo for details)


  • There will be a Superkid Progress Test on Monday 1/7


Class Specials:

Monday: Music & Spanish

Tuesday: Gym (Please wear full gym uniform with sneakers) 

Wednesday: None 

Thursday: Art 

Friday: Innovation Lab

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