Managing Emotions

Managing Emotions video

A Few Tips on Managing Emotions

  • Foundational needs such of proper sleep, hydration, and if possible healthy snacks so there are no sugar highs are extremely important
  • Sensory input- be aware of children’s sensory needs, and that they are getting what they need to feel regulated. Younger children need more movement and breaks, but all children need some sort of exercise/movement. This can even be a walk around the block, or learning a dance from youtube
  • Relationship bonds are extremely important for self-regulation.
  • Make a list/menu of what helps each family member calm down when dysregulated/stressed/anxious/angry/etc. Preparing ahead of time allows for a quicker and easier bounce back, and makes everyone reflect on what works for them. Try different strategies with your child to help them figure out what works best.
  • If you notice yourself or a family member is starting to become dysregulated, be proactive and utilize a strategy before the feeling becomes too strong.
  • For parents it is important to also find things that help you feel calm and manage anxiety. When you understand your own feelings and learn to manage them, you learn to understand other people.