Fundraising/Service Hours:

**Due to COVID 19, Service Hours are suspended for now and will be reevaluated once the regulations ease.  Sufficent notification will be provided when we resume with hours as will the hours be prorated dependent upon where we are in the school year. **

HCJCA sponsors a Christmas sale in the fall and a Move-a-Thon in the spring.  Each student is required to sell $60 worth of merchandise from the Club’s Choice Catalog and also return a minimum of $25 in sponsorships for the Move-a-Thon Other  fundraisers throughout the year are optional, but proceeds benefit the students and programs.   **Every family is required to complete 20 hours of service to the school.   Any family unable to fulfill their 20 hour Service Contract by May 1, 2021 will incur a $200.00 fee.  There are many opportunities available and a great need for helpers; please inquire at the school office for details.**

All volunteers must be Virtus trained and present a certification of completion to be kept on file in the school office.   All volunteers must sign in with a staff member, whenever volunteer time is served and a receipt will be issued as well as kept on file.  Only time documented by office staff will be available for credit.  Service hours from May 2, 2019 through  May 1, 2020 will count toward this academic year.  Hours served after May 1, 2021 will be applied to the following school year.

Service Hours will be granted for the following activities or events: (Additional Opportunities may be added)

-Lunch duty                         -Class Trip Chaperone        – Subscription to the Tablet (enables us to get iPad Grant)

-HCJ CYO Head Coach      -Class Parents                      – Traffic Safety               – Boy/Girl Scout Leaders

-Written Translations        -Rummage Sale                    – Halloween Party        – Boxtops Coordinator

-Grocery Bingo                   -Breakfast with Santa           – Pie Sale                        – Talent Show

-Book Fair                           -Paintnite                                – Move-a-Thon              – Family Mass

-Movie Night                      -Junior High Dances             – Block Party                  – Strategic Planning Committee               


Parent volunteers are highly encouraged and very much needed.  To volunteer at HCJCA and to attend field trips, parents must complete a free VIRTUS training and a volunteer orientation session at the school.   VIRTUS training is offered twice a year at HCJCA, but can also be completed at other sites.  If you choose to attend another site, you can find a listing at  under the Diocese of Brooklyn organization.   Simply bring your certificate to the school and we will keep a copy on file. 

In accordance with Diocesan policy, NO PARENT will be allowed to volunteer for events or attend a field trip without VIRTUS training

VIRTUS Training

VIRTUS OnlineOnly VIRTUS-trained parents/guardians can volunteer for class trips, events, etc. See below for instructions on how to register for a VIRTUS training session. Once you have completed the session, please submit a copy of your certificate to the office.

1. Visit
2. Click Registration in the left sidebar
3. Click View a list of sessions
4. Select Brooklyn, NY (Diocese) from the dropdown menu and click Select
5. Once you find an upcoming session that works for you click Start Registration at the top of the page and create a User ID and Password
6. You will have the option to select the training session you would like to attend

High-school-aged employees or volunteers have the choice (Depending on the age of the teen: 18 or older: Virtus;  14-17 : Healthy Relationshops for Teens) of attending a VIRTUS workshop or completing the online teen training course, VIRTUS (Teen) Online Registration Instructions    More information is available on   Certificates must be brought to the academy office to be kept on file prior to beginning service.

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