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Dear PKA Families               :         MERRY CHRISTMAS

                                    TUESDAY DEC. 4TH through THURSDAY DEC. 6TH – BOOK FAIR
                                   THURSDAY, DEC. 6th –   Dismissal at 12:30 sharp. – PARENT/TEACHER CONFERENCES
                                   FRIDAY, DEC. 7th       –    Dismissal at 11:30 sharp. –  TEACHER PROF. DEV. DAY
                                    DEC. 17th   THROUGH   DEC. 19th  –     HOLIDAY GIFT SHOPPING
                                   FRIDAY, DEC. 21 ST     –     CHRISTMAS SWEATER DAY
                                   MONDAY, DEC. 24th   THROUGH     TUESDAY, JAN. 1st –    SCHOOL CLOSED
                                                                                                            CHRISTMAS RECESS
                                    WEDNESDAY, JAN 2nd    –      CLASSES RESUME
This month, our learning unit is “WHERE WE LIVE”  .  Children will interact and learn where people and animals live.  They will focus on places, types of homes, cities, neighborhoods, and what homes are made of. They will increase their vocabulary using new words such as architect; borough; habitat, hibernate; skyscrapers, etc.  Block centers will turn into busy city streets with buildings and homes!
There will be Holiday  Celebrations .  Check with your child’s teacher for details.
I sincerely wish each of you a Happy and Blessed Holiday,                                       
Elaine Tellstone
Asst. to the  Director
Pre-K For All Program
Holy Child Jesus Catholic Academy