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February News





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Nurse’s Number- 718-846-0741

Pre-K For All Office Number- 718-846-0912

Donna Rogers email-

Dear Pre- K 4 Families,

February’s unit will focus on light. We will be discussing and exploring how and why we use different sources of light, the difference between day and night and what is needed to make shadows will also be incorporated into this unit.
Please take some time to discuss what kind of lights you and your child see at home, on your way to and from school, in your community and why these sources of light are important. A detailed letter was sent home explaining our family engagement( Black and White art) and suggestions for questions and activities you can implement to reinforce the theme.

As always, parents are welcome to come in to share a book or activity that coincides with the theme. 

Our children will participate in a Valentine class celebration with their peers on Thursday, February 14th. More information will be sent on Monday Feb. 4th. 

Thank you for your continued corporation.

Please see important dates below.

Donna Rogers                                                                         


Please see important dates below. 

• Black and white Art project due – Monday, Feb. 11th 

  • Valentine’s party – Feb. 14th- more information to follow- wear red or pink
  • NO SCHOOL – February 16-24th




 Weekly Specials- Information to follow 
Tuesday– GYM
Friday– ART


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