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 SCHOOL WILL BE CLOSED DURING SPRING RECESS- From April 1st- April 11th. School will reopen April 12th.



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Nurse’s Number- 718-846-0741

Pre-K For All Office Number, Mrs. Tellstone- 718-846-0912

Donna Rogers email-

***** Emails sent after 5 PM will be answered the following school day


Dear Families,

April’s unit will focus on plant life. We will be discussing and exploring where we find plants, how they grow, the differences and similarities of a variety of flowers and plants, parts of a plant and their functions, why they are important to us, and foods we eat from farms.

Please take some time to discuss the sub topics listed above. Below, are some ideas on how you can reinforce the theme of plants…

  • Observe and discuss different types of plants you see in your community as well as the plants we see in supermarkets. Ask children what they know about plants( what do they need to grow, where did these plants come from)
  • Discuss what kinds of plants, including fruits and vegetables that you and your family eat daily
  • Plant seeds for a garden or potted flower with your child. Allow them to help take care of the seeds you plant. Discuss the changes you observe as the seeds grow.
  • Ask your child why farms and farmers are important to the community
  • Visit a plant nursery or farm to reinforce concepts learned in class

Thank you for your continued support.


Mrs. Rogers


Friendly Reminders

  • If your child is NOT feeling well. PLEASE KEEP HIM OR HER HOME
  • Children must wear masks when they enter the building
  • Please label EVERYTHING you send in with your child (school supplies, coats, hats, etc.)
  • Folders and communication notebooks should be checked DAILY and must be brought to school every day. This is important and is our means of communication.
  • Arrival and Dismissal– Students may not arrive at school before 7:30 AM. Arrival and dismissal will be located BY THE GYM DOORS at 1:50. Please be on time.
  • Absent notes– when your child returns to school from an absence, please send in with an absent note including the day and reason for absence.
  • Breakfast and lunch- Provided for your child each day. Let us know about dietary restriction and allergies as soon a s possible
  • Change of Clothes– please send in a change of clothes including underwear and socks in zip lock bag labeled with your child’s name.
  • Large Beach /Bath Towel or light blanket and Crib Sheet– please label these items with your child’s name. These items will stay in school Monday- Friday and be returned home on Friday to be CLEANED and returned




Mrs. Rogers- Pre- K 4 Schedule – Room 41


7:30- 7:45- Arrival/ Sign In

7:45- 8:05- Unpacking/ Hand Washing / Breakfast

8:05- 8:20- Morning Meeting

8:20-9:25- Center Time/ handwashing

9:25- 10:25- Gross Motor/ handwashing

10:25-10:40- Read Aloud

10:40- 10:55- Music Movement

10:55- 11:25 – Lunch / Handwashing

11:25- 12:25- Rest

12:25- 1:30- Center Time/ handwashing

1:30-1:50- Pack up/ dismissal



Gym- Wednesday- 9:15- 9:45- Remotely

Art – Friday- 9:00- 9:30- Remotely