Summer Reading Assignment

Dear 7-1/7-2,

It was great to meet all of you today! I hope that you are just as “enthused” as I am to be working together this year!  A few friendly reminders for next week:

  • Please make sure you have both of your marble notebooks labeled as followed: (1) Reader’s Notebook and (2) Writer’s Notebook (this was to be done in class today).  
  • Please make sure that you have labeled a pocket folder for ELA.  This will be utilized for any handouts/short stories that I will be giving to you. 
  • ALL Summer Reading Assignments will be turned in next Monday, September 10th-NO exceptions! For those who have not yet completed the Summer Reading Assignment, this is a surprise extension for you.
  • You will receive your ELA Workbooks next Monday, September 10th.