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 Pre- K For All Office Number- 718-846-0912

 Nurse’s Number- 718-846-0741

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Hi everyone, Welcome to my class page. Each month we will explore a theme. The children will become acquainted with faculty, new friends, materials, daily routines, social distancing protocol and other safety procedures.

  •  All children need to wear masks when entering and leaving the building.
  • We need to know if there is anyone else allowed to pick up your child other than a parent/ guardian. There is a form to be filled out and the person  picking up your child must show ID or your child will not be released. 

4 /2021              

This month we will be learning all about plants! We will even plant seeds and watch them grow, explain what plants do for us, what food they give us and how they help the environment. We will discuss and practice taking care of plants and our Earth!

Essential Question: How do Plants grow and why are they important? 

Focus Question: 

  • What are plants? 
  • What do plants need and where do we find them? 
  • What are some different kinds of plants? 
  • Why are plants important?

Vocabulary: botanist, botany, bouquet, branch, bud, bulb, bush, cactus, compost, courtyard, dirt, edible, environment, evergreen, fabric, farm, farmer, field, floral arrangement, florist, flower, food, forester, fruit, garden, gardener, grass, greenhouse, ground, grow, habitat, harvest, herbs, landscape, lawn, leaves, medicine, nature, nursery, nutrients, park, patio, petals, plant, pollen, rain, roots, seaweed, seed, seedling, shade, shelter, soil, sprinkler, sprout, stem, succulent, sunlight, terrarium, tree, trunk, vegetables, vegetarian, vegetation, vine, water, water lily, watering can, weeds, wood, yard

A family engagement activity will be sent home. 

Thanks ! Mrs.Moller