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Stay safe and healthy.

Dear Parents,

We wish you all a very Happy & Healthy New Year! January’s Unit of Study will be Transportation. We will be learning all different forms of transportation such as: cars, buses, trains, boats, planes, bicycles, walking, etc. This is a perfect opportunity to go over with your child the form of transportation that they use to get to and from Pre-k. Another great thing to go over with your child will be traffic lights and what the colors on the traffic light stand for, the crosswalk symbols, and other traffic signs. We will we going over this as well during our neighborhood walks.

Some questions you can ask your child:

  • How do you go to school?
  • What kind of vehicles (ie. cars, buses, trucks, vans, trains, etc.) do you see?
  • Do they travel on land, air, or sea?
  • What is your favorite mode of transportation?

**Please remember to fill out the daily health check! It changes monthly so you have to go to the class site to access it:

Important Dates:

  • Monday, January 18th- NO SCHOOL; Martin Luther King Jr. Day.



Teacher: Ms. Burns

Assistant: Mrs. C

Arrival: 8:15 am

Dismissal: 2:35 pm


PreK phone number: 718.846.0912 (Mrs. Tellstone- Supervisor)

Nurse’s phone number: 718.846. 0741


Please remember that the purpose of these Family Projects is not only to have fun with your family, but also to encourage speaking and listening skills. For every project, children will present to the class and talk about how their family worked together. Learning to be an audience and ask questions or share compliments and comments are also important skills

Here is all the updated Zoom information 

Ms. Burns and Mrs. C information: Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday at 9:30 am 
Zoom ID: 750 7295 4598
Zoom password: 9yWp9i
Gym- Coach Jay Zoom information: Wednesday’s @9:30 AM
Zoom ID: 769 663 7616
Zoom password: pelive
Art- Mrs. Agatha Zoom information: Friday’s @9:30 AM
Zoom ID: 480 467 7266
Zoom password: artalert

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Ms. Burns – Prek-3 Schedule 

8:15-8:30                 Arrival / Sign In

8:30-8:50                 Breakfast

8:50-9:00                 Morning Meeting

9:00-10:15              Center Time

10:15-11:15            Gross Motor

11:15-11:30            Read Aloud

11:30-11:45            Music/Movement

11:45-12:15            Lunch

12:15-1:15              Rest Time

1:15-2:15                 Center Time    

2:15-2:35                 Pack Up / Dismissal


Gym- Wednesdays 1:15-1:45 pm

Art- Fridays 11:15-11:45am