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PreK phone number: 718.846.0912

Nurse’s phone number: 718.846. 0741

Welcome to PreK 3 and the 2018-2019 school year! 

December’s unit is Where We Live.  We will be learning about the different buildings and homes all around us,  what animals  live near us (how/where they live) and the differences between rural and urban.

The family engagement project was sent home.Please see memo in your child’s folder.

Book Fair-  Dec. 5th

Classroom Holiday Celebration – Dec. 20th  (Food donation sign up sheet will be available on Dec. 10th at morning drop off)

Parent Teacher Conferences- Dec. 6th


Each month we will focus on a specific theme. You will receive a monthly letter informing you of the theme and suggestions on how you can reinforce the theme at home. Family engagement activities will be incorporated in each theme and will be sent home as well.

Please make sure you check and empty your child’s folder and notebook daily. 

Children are welcome to bring in age appropriate books that correspond to the month’s theme. 

Please make sure that you label everything with your child’s name on it. 

School Supplies:

– one change of clothes in a labeled ziploc bag (socks, pants, shirt , underwear)

– a large backpack – please label 

– a folder labeled with your child’s name

– a notebook ( this will be used as a communication notebook between teacher and parent on  a daily basis)- please label 

– a sheet or small blanket labeled in a ziploc bag

Please check your child’s folder daily as important information / updates are sent home.

Please practice zippering /buttoning your child’s jacket with him/her.

Please send in ANY money in a marked, sealed envelope with your child’s name on it and what it is for.

*special subjects-

Tuesday- Tuesday





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