5th Grade ELA

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Week of  Sept. 2 to Sept. 6, 2019


Bring in your summer work 9/4/19.

Spelling:  Write words 1 to 5, 2x’s each in your notebook. Spelling words are on the white board in the classroom waiting for you to copy down into your notebook.

Vocabulary:  Put your vocabulary words into “word squares”.  All vocabulary words are to be put onto index cards.  You are making your own vocabulary flashcards.  The vocabulary word should be put on one side of the index card and the definition on the other side of the index card.  This is how Vocabulary homework is expected to be completed.  I may amend this from time to time, if so it will be discussed in class and then put on this homework site.  Thank you for your cooperation.


Spelling:  study for quiz on words 1 10 10.  Your spelling words are distance, petals, admire, shuttle, method, enjoy, comedy, advance, anger, and perhaps. Quiz is tomorrow.

Vocabulary:  Make a Word Square for vocabulary word:  treacherous plus index flascards for treacherous and terrified.


Spelling: study words 11 to 20 quiz tomorrow and write them 2x’s each in you nb.  

Vocabulary:  Make a word square for vocabulary words: Bravery and heroine, plus index flashcards too.

Week of 9/9/19 to 9/13/19


Grammar:  WB pg.5 #’s 1 to 5.

Reading:  Bring in your realistic fiction book by end of this week.  Write word squares for revive and expedition.

Tuesday:  Grammar:  WB pg. 6 #’s 1 to 5., Reading:  Bring in your realistic fiction book by the end of this week. Vocabulary:  word square for anticipate.  Spelling:  Write words 6 to 10, 2x’s each.  Study for test Friday.

Wednesday: Grammar:  WB pg. 7 #’s 1 to 5.  Spelling:  Write words 11 to 15, 2x’s each.  Study spelling for test this Friday.  Vocabulary: Make word squares for the following:  ferocity, normally, neutral, minute, nervously, aggressively, and triumphantly.   Study their meanings.

HW:  9/16/19


ELA:  word squares for:  rapidly, patiently, compressions, grumbled, insistently, intentionally.  Grammar:  WB pg. 8 1 to 5.  Read your realistic fiction book.  Your book report is due the end of Sept. Reading book tomorrow.

Tuesday:  Spelling write words 6 to 10 2x’s each, arrow, maintain, appeal, speech, and needle.  Grammar:  WB pg. 9 #’s 1 to 5.  Vocabulary words in word squares:  pitch (color), veins, and daintily.  Independent reading book is necessary at all times.

Wed:  Spelling write words 11 to 15 2x’s each.  Grammar:  WB pg. 10 1 to 5.  Vocabulary words:  word squares for constructed and branded.

Thurs.:  Word squares:  devastation and lullaby.  Spelling words 16 to 20 2x’s each.  Study for test Friday, tomorrow.  Read your book for your book report due Monday, Sept.  30, 2019.

Homework week 9/23/19

Monday:  Spelling words write  1 to 5 2x’s each. Vocabulary:  word squares:  resourceful and thieving. Reading: R&WNB (red book cover) pg.57.  Book report due Monday, Sept. 30, 2019.  Grammar:  WBpg. 8 #’s 6 to 10.

Tuesday:  Spelling words write 2x’s each  6 to 10:  deciding, included, including, admitted, and  admitting.  Grammar:  WB pg 9 #’s 6 to 10.  Vocabulary:  word squares:  figurine and structures.  Book report due Monday  9/30/19

Wednesday:  Spelling words 2x’s each 11 to 15:  occurred, occurring, qualified, qualifying, and identified.  Vocabulary:  word square:  hyperbole.  Grammar:  WB pg. 10 #’s 6 to 10.  Book report due Monday 9/30/19

Thursday:  Spelling words 2x’s each 16 to 20.  Grammar:  wb pg 11 #’s 6 to 10.  Book report due Monday.

Friday:  Write word squares for the following vocabulary words:  portable, figure, and imports.

HW: week 9/30/19

Monday:  Spelling: write words 1 to 5 2x’s each.  They’re, you’ve, weren’t, needn’t, and there’d.  Grammar:  complete classwork, write 2 sentences using collective nouns.  Vocabulary:  Study the definitions of the vocabulary words for test tomorrow on Thunder Rose.

Tuesday:  Spelling write words 6 to 10 2x’s each.   they’re, mustn’t, what’ll, doesn’t, and hadn’t.  Vocabulary:  word squares:  headland, shellfish, and lair.  Grammar:  TB pg. 13, exercise 3 #’s 1 to 5.  Reading:  GENRE for you book report for October, Mystery.  

Wednesday:  Spelling words 11 to 15 2x’s each:  could’ve, would’ve should’ve, might’ve and wouldn’t.  Vocabulary:  Word squares: gnawed and kelp.  Grammar:  TB pg. 14, copy all the preposition.  Reading:  Red book: pg. 85.  October’s book genre is Mystery.

Thursday:  Spelling words 16 to 20 2x’s each:  who’ve, shouldn’t, who’d, this’ll, and couldn’t.   Vocabulary:   Word Squares:  sinew and ravine.  Red book:   pg.86 complete.  

Monday:  Spelling words 1 to 5 2x’s each.  shovel, chosen, astonish, pharmacy, southern.  Reading:  Red book pg. 73.  Grammar:  WB pg.12

Tuesday:  Spelling words 6 to 10 2x’s each.  establish, python, charity, northern, and although.Grammar:  WB pg 13 #’s 1 to 5.  Reading:  You should be reading your book for this month’s book report, a mystery.  You need to read 30 minutes everyday.  

Wednesday:  Spelling words 11 to 15 2x’s each.  shatter, china, chapter, challenge, and ethnic. Grammar:  WB pg 14  1 to 5.  Vocabulary:  Word Squares:  unique, confidence, outfield, and mocking.

Thurs:  Spelling 16 to 20 2xs.  Vocabulary:  barrier, vigor, resist, endured.  Grammar:  WB pg 15 1 to5

Week of 10/22/19                                                                                             Tuesday:  ELA:  Word Squares for immigration, Ellis Island, belongings, anxiously, allegiance, emblem, sustenance, adversity, established, and homeland. Spelling:   Words 1 to 5 2xs each:  snore, tornado, spare, appeal, and career.   Reading:  read your mystery book for your book report.

Wednesday:  Spelling words 2x’s each: square, report, prepare, pioneer, and chair.  Grammar:  WB pg. 17 1 to 15.  Reader’s and Writer’s NB pg 87.

Thursday:  Spelling words 11 to 20 2x’s each and study test tomorrow.  Grammar:  WB pg 21 1 to 17.  Reader’s and Writer’s NB pg.88.

Tues:  Spelling words 6 to 10 2x’s each.  Book report due by 10/31.  Reader’s and Writer’s NB pg.90.  Grammar:  WB pg 23

Wednesday:  Spelling words 11 to 15 2x’s each.  example, scramble, chisel, travel, and level.  Grammar pg. 24 entire page, Red book pg 91.

Book report due Monday.

Week of 11/4/19

Monday:  Spelling words 1 to 5, 2x’s each, Grammar: WB pg. 25 1 to 5.  New book for month of November genre is fantasy.  

Tuesday:  Spelling words 6 to 10, 2x’s each:   danger, refrigerator, eager, dollar, and wander. Grammar:  WB pg. 25 6 to 10.  Start reading your  fantasy book for your November book report

Thursday:  Spelling words 16 ti 20 2x’s each.  Study last weeks words for test Tuesday and then this weeks words test Wed., Grammar: WB pg 27 1 to 5.  Book genre is Fantasy.

Week 11/11/19

Tuesday:  Spelling 1 to 5 2x’s each.  Grammar: TB pgs. 28-29 exercises 1 & 2 (even numbers only)

Wednesday:  Spelling 6 to 10 2x’s each.  Grammar:  TB pgs 30 31 exercises 1,2,3,5.  (odd numbers only)

Week of 11/18/19

Monday:  Spelling  1 to 5 2x’s each:  destination, famous, decision, conversation, and exhibition.  Grammar TB pg 37 Exercise 3 #’s 1,3,4. Read your book for your November book report genre: fantasy.  Reader’s and Writer’s Notebook:  pg.385.

Tuesday:  Spelling 6 to 10, 2xs each:  nervous, invasion, imagination, explanation, election.  Grammar: TB pg. 38 Exercises 1 #’s 1,3,5, Exercise 2 #’a 1,3,5 Read your book for your book report.  Get planner signed.

Wednesday:  Spelling 11 to 15, 2x’s each:  tension, attraction creation, humorous, education.  Read your book for your book report.  Get your planner signed.  Grammar:  TB pg 41, exercises 1 and 2 #’s (all odd numbers)

Thursday:  Spelling 16 to 20 2xs each.  Read your book for 20 minutes get planner signed verifying you read your book.  Grammar:  TB pg. 42, Exercise 1 (even numbers only).  Please transpose your Flying carpet story to looseleaf and illustrate your story on your looseleaf or you may make a cover using construction paper and illustrate the cover.

Week of 11/25/19

Monday:  Spelling words 1 to 10, 2x’s each.  hesitant, absence, entrance, important, excellence, persistent, consistent, confidence, pollutant, and intelligent. Write your book report due Monday, 12/2/19.

Tuesday:  Spelling words 11 to 20 2xs each.  Write your book report.  Get grammar quiz signed.

Week of 12/2/19

Monday:  spelling words 1 to 5, 2x’s each; portable, audience, decade, territory, and auditorium. Book genre for December’s book report will be : biography.  Please complete your journal entry in your notebook.

Tuesday:  Spelling words 6 to 10, 2x’s each, Vocabulary:  Write the definitions due by Thursday:  unintended, fortuitous, advantageous, potential, spontaneous, perspective, happenstance, occurrences, perceptive, and unaware. Book genre:  Biography.

Week of 12/09/19

Monday:  school closed

Tuesday:  Spelling words 2x’s each.  describe, interruption, inspection, scribble, and respectful.  Grammar:  TB pg. 45 Exercise 2 #’s 1 to 10.  Read 20 minutes.

Wednesday:  Spelling words 2x’s each.  subscription, spectacular, eruption, eject abruptly prescribe, reject, aspect, rupture, inscribe.  Grammar:  TB pg. 46 copy page.  Reading:  New time 30 minutes reading every night.  Please get that signed in your planner.

Thursday:   Study spelling words for quiz tomorrow.  Read 30 minutes.  Answer questions 1 to 5 on page 194 in notebook.

Week of 12/16/19

Monday: Red book: pg.115.  Grammar:  wb pg. 32 #’s 15 to 24.  Spelling:  words 1 to 10, 2x’s each.  Read for 30 minutes tonight.

Tuesday: Study spelling for quiz

Wednesday:  study spelling words for quiz.  Grammar:  TB pg. 55 Exercise 3 #’s 1 to 5.  Read for 30 minutes get planner signed.

Week of Jan. 6, 2020

Monday:  Write all vocabulary words definitions plus put each one in a grammatically correct sentence.  Research an important Civil War military officer. Put all information into a paragraph that contains several important facts about the military officer you chose to write about.  Vocabulary words:  poses, officers, unwavering, cooperation, maneuver, nation, trembling, sacrifice, audacity, and brazen.  Spelling words 2x’s each: invisible, illiterate, irregular, irresistible, impossible, informal, illegal, impatient, independent, incorrect.

Tuesday:  Write the definition:  canteen, quarrel, union, confederacy, rebellion, glory, stallion.

Wednesday:  Complete your sequencing handout. Study for spelling test.

Thursday:  Great job on your sequencing handout.  Study your spelling words for test tomorrow.  Be prepared to present your paragraph.  Read your book for your book report.

Week of Jan. 13, 2020

Monday:  Write spelling words 1 to 5, 2x’s each study for quiz Friday.  Complete your classwork.  Read your book for your book report.

Tues: Spelling words 2xs each 6 to 10.  Complete your informal letter first draft.

Wed:  Spelling words 2 x’s each 11 to 20.  Study words test tomorrow.  Read your book for your book report.