5th Grade ELA

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Week of  Sept. 2 to Sept. 6, 2019


Bring in your summer work 9/4/19.

Spelling:  Write words 1 to 5, 2x’s each in your notebook. Spelling words are on the white board in the classroom waiting for you to copy down into your notebook.

Vocabulary:  Put your vocabulary words into “word squares”.  All vocabulary words are to be put onto index cards.  You are making your own vocabulary flashcards.  The vocabulary word should be put on one side of the index card and the definition on the other side of the index card.  This is how Vocabulary homework is expected to be completed.  I may amend this from time to time, if so it will be discussed in class and then put on this homework site.  Thank you for your cooperation.


Spelling:  study for quiz on words 1 10 10.  Your spelling words are distance, petals, admire, shuttle, method, enjoy, comedy, advance, anger, and perhaps. Quiz is tomorrow.

Vocabulary:  Make a Word Square for vocabulary word:  treacherous plus index flascards for treacherous and terrified.


Spelling: study words 11 to 20 quiz tomorrow and write them 2x’s each in you nb.  

Vocabulary:  Make a word square for vocabulary words: Bravery and heroine, plus index flashcards too.

Week of 9/9/19 to 9/13/19


Grammar:  WB pg.5 #’s 1 to 5.

Reading:  Bring in your realistic fiction book by end of this week.  Write word squares for revive and expedition.

Tuesday:  Grammar:  WB pg. 6 #’s 1 to 5., Reading:  Bring in your realistic fiction book by the end of this week. Vocabulary:  word square for anticipate.  Spelling:  Write words 6 to 10, 2x’s each.  Study for test Friday.

Wednesday: Grammar:  WB pg. 7 #’s 1 to 5.  Spelling:  Write words 11 to 15, 2x’s each.  Study spelling for test this Friday.  Vocabulary: Make word squares for the following:  ferocity, normally, neutral, minute, nervously, aggressively, and triumphantly.   Study their meanings.