Grade 5 Religion

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Monday: How can we pray? How did Jesus pray? in nb
Tuesday: Poster of sacrament due tomorrow. Refer to rubrics for details as to what the poster needs to have on it.
Thursday: Answer: What are some popular devotions and practices of the Church?
HW week Jan. 22nd, 2019
Tuesday: “Why did Jesus tell the parable of the man and his lost son?
Wednesday: “What did Jesus give his Apostles after his Death and Resurrection?”
Thursday: “What happens as a result of the Sacrament of Penance?”
Homework week of Jan. 28th, 2019
Monday: Answer in your nb: How does the entire Church benefit when one member is reconciled with God and the Church?
Tuesday: What can you do to prevent social sin?
Wednesday: no homework
Thursday: Write the definition for Baptism, conversion, Penance, sin, mortal sin, justice, venial sin.
Homework week of Feb. 4th, 2019
Monday: “What are the four major parts of the Sacrament of Penance?”
Tuesday: “What enables us to know the difference between right and wrong?”
Wednesday: “What does the Church celebrate in the sacrament of Penance?” Memorize The Angelus. Due 2/26/19.
Thursday: “In what two ways is Penance celebrated?” Study Chapter 11 test Friday, 2/8/19.
Homework 2/11/19
Monday: What ability does our conscience give us?
Tuesday: What is the one way we can turn our minds and hearts to God?
Wednesday: Write the definition of absolution.
Thursday: TB pg. 193 Answer, Why is the Sacrament of Penance an important part of a retreat?
Week: 2/25/19
Monday: Answer the following: What did the healing and forgiving actions of Jesus reveal to others?
Tuesday: Answer the following: Why did Jesus share his ministry with his Apostles?
Wednesday: What happen through the Sacrament of Anointing of the sick?
Thursday: How can we provide support for those who are ill?
Week of 3/4/10
Tuesday: “What do we do during the season Lent?” What will you do to prepare?
Wednesday: What are two things that grace of the Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick does?
Thursday: How were the Apostles able to heal so many people and bring them to believe in the risen Christ? How did Jesus’ ministry continue after his Death and Resurrection?
Week of March 11th, 2019
Monday: TB pg. 197 on looseleaf or computer paper design a magazine cover “Jesus the Healer”
Tuesday: TB pgs 198 & 199 Explain what happened at the Beautiful Gate.
Wednesday: Review
Thursday: Review chapter 17 for test Tuesday.
Week of March 18, 2019
Monday: Study chapter 17 test tomorrow
Tuesday: “How many times can the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick be celebrated?”
Wednesday: TB pg. 218 1 & 2.
Week of March 25th, 2019
Monday: What is the Annunciation?
Tuesday: Write the definition of The Immaculate Conception.
Wednesday: Complete classwork pgs 216, 217, and 218.
Thursday: What are some of the titles given to Mary?
Week of April 1, 2019
Monday: Describe the meaning of the word virtue.
Tuesday: How can we live the Beatitudes?
Wednesday: What are the theological virtues?
Thursday: Why do we study the lives of the saints?
Week of April 8th
Monday: Write the Beatitudes and explain what each one means to you. TB pg. 250.
Tuesday: What was Jesus’ new commandment?
Wednesday: TB pgs. 254 to 255: What is a martyr?
Thursday: As members of the priesthood of the faithful, what is each of us called to do?

HW week April 15th

Monday: Why is love possible?

Tuesday:  TB pg. 258 #’s 9 and 10.

Wednesday:  TB pg. 242.

Homework week April 29th

Monday:  Pick a beatitude and explain how you can put it to use in your daily life.

Tuesday: Write definition of laypeople.

Wednesday:   What is the common vocation of all Christians?

Thursday:  Write the definition of: religious

HW:  5/6/19

Monday: Study for Chapter 22 test on this Thursday.  Write a paragraph about Martin de Porres.

Tuesday:  Write the definition of: matrimony and marriage covenant.

Wednesday:  Write the definition of fidelity.

Thursday:  TB pg 282 complete

HW 5/13/19

Monday:  What are some ways Christian faithful can be active in their parishes?

Tuesday:  Study the Memorare test Friday

Wednesday:  study for the Memorare test this Friday.

Thursday:  Write the definitions for the following:  Holy Orders, bishop, priest, deacon.

HW 5/20/19

Monday:  Why is the Church one?

Tuesday:  Why is the Church called Catholic?

Wednesday:  What beliefs do all Christian have in common?

Thursday:  Complete writing your 5 paragraph essay about the life of Irena Sendler.  Write how Irena Sendler is a disciple of Jesus Christ.  Cite specific events in her life that defends why she is a disciple of Jesus Christ.  On looseleaf.  Due Tuesday.


Tuesday:  What does God and the Church call us to do throughout our lives?

Wednesday:  Who carries out the work of the apostles?

Thursday:  Put first 5 notes on index cards with questions.

Week of June 3, 2019

Monday:  Why do we as a Church work for justice and peace in the world?

Tuesday:  study for quiz chapter 25 tomorrow.

Wednesday:  TB pg. 306 #’s 1 to 4.

Thursday:  TB pg. 306 #’s 5 to 10.

Week 6/10/19

Study for final